Iodized Salt

Common salt you see in shakers all over the world. Generally Iodised salt is refined, processed, stripped of minerals (and flavor) and then has anti caking agents and iodine added to it. This salt is functional, but there are better options.

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Kosher Salt

Kosher salt should be your go to salt. Cheap, easy to pinch and perfect for most any recipe.

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“I want to show the world how easy it is to cook and be healthier by doing it themselves.”


Dude, you have a fat neck.

My best friend told me one day I had a big fat neck. I told him he was full of shit and promptly discovered after I got off the scale I gained a ton of weight. I’ve been disgustingly skinny for 30+ years. How did this happen?

I was eating like shit.

My diet was terrible. Hamburger Helper, McDonalds, frozen meals in bags, pre-packaged crap, soda–this was what I knew. Cooking was for tv personalities & housewifes. I didn’t have time for that nonsense, or did I?

Cooking can be technical & geeky.

I am a computer guy by trade so I wanted a technical solution and not a silly fad diet. This is when I discovered Alton Brown and the tv show Good Eats. Alton taught me that cooking is a science and can be fun and easy.